Friday, 22 September 2017

Dear Mum

          Dear Mum

Mum can we go to the beach for fun because Matthew has being to the happy days and  i want the  go to the beach and invited family from the seta   tukuafu family and neta family please  mum it just for fun and i am the 2 olds so can i go to the beach and then  we can go and have a bomb at the beach and then have fun okay mum.

Mum the other thing is about can i go to the beach with  seta family to come on my birthday and neta family on my birthday and then
We can go home a sleep and that why i want to go at the beach okay mum this is a letter mum




First we went for a bush walk with Bronwyn Smith. I learnt that they used to make tea from the leaves of the Tea Tree. We went to see a Nikau Palm. After we saw a tui bird and it’s tough on the neck. We even heard it sing. Then we saw the Kauri tree and it was seven hundred years old. It is was the father of the forest.

Next we went to the centre and had to find the answers on the cross word. After that we went to take a photo in the big frame at Arataki.
We went to see movie about the  rangers at Arataki park. It told us what to do at Arataki. It was my first time at Arataki and it was fun and cool.

Finally we had  to  get on the bus and  go back  to school. It was a long way to  take us to school. We had to pack our bags and the bell rang  to go home.

By Kalolaine

Glenbrae Duffy Role Model Assembly

Glenbrae Duffy Role Model Assembly

On Monday 18 September 2017.

Glenbrae school went down to the hall and see Niva retmauna.

Niva talked about her work and she was a radio that tells story.

And then Niva talked about the book that Niva likes and then Niva  read Glenbrae school are story .

Niva was the radio  that tells story and what happen to New Zealand and then Niva hang out the Duffy books to each class and then glenbrae school sing a song called am going to read my way round the world

By Kalolaine

Holiday Letter For Mum And Dad

                      Thursday 21 09 2017     

Dear Mum and Dad.

In the  holidays i would like to go to the happy days for my birthday.

After that i would like to go to the city to look at homes and hotel.

And when i finish i can help you with the things that you are doing and that what i have to do is to help you Mum and Dad.

The things that i want to help is doing the bed and the and cleaning the house with Mum and Dad.

Mum and Dad i would like to say thank you for the help that you gave to me and i want to invited my cousin and my friends on my birthday.
Mum Dad i will pommies that i will help you a lot please Mum and Dad can we go to the happy days with my family and cousins and 1 friend.

Mum dad can we just go to  happy days just for my birthday please.

Dad and mum can we go somewhere that we can have fun and then we can go home and clean the house and then we can go watch TV.

Mum and Dad i would like to say thank you for all the help that you gave to me and thank you Mum and Dad.

I love you Mum and Dad thank you!


Tuesday, 29 August 2017


                                              Today room 10 learn about decimals.