Thursday, 7 December 2017

Fitines geometrical

Today Mrs Raj took room 10 for fitness.  We were adding geometry to our fitness. It means doing  shapes with our bodies. Our   first shape was a triangle .We were also making different shapes with our body like a square and a diamond.
When we finished making shapes we had to say 3 facts about the shapes we made.We were looking for shapes around the court.

After that we went to do star jumps up to 10 ,push ups to 10 , step ups  up to 10 and we have to run around the court twice. The court looked like a rectangle.

At the end we needed to look for the Rectangle how many of the Rectangles on the bench. Once we were done counting we told Mrs Raj.I really enjoyed using geometry while doing fitness.

By Kalolaine 7/12/17


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Animal Facts

3D Shape

Room 9 are learning about 3D shapes for maths. The shapes are cube and cuboid!!!

We are learning to measure the volume of theses shapes.

By Ngakiri

Friday, 17 November 2017

Rangitoto island

 Rm 9 and rm 10 , room 8 and some of room 7 went to the school hall .

We went to the school bus and went to the ferry boat when we got there we meet crystals.

We follow crystals to the ferry boat when we got on the ferry boat when we got on it went up and down we went and it was fun.

We had fun and i got tired and then i reach to the top of the hill because it was fun and then i went down to the end i saw crystals .

By Kalo

Emperor penguins

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Igntion Assembly

                          Ignition Assembly

Today at term four well we were waiting for Miss Ella we quickly went down to the hall and when miss ella came  Miss Ella aks glenbrae school to sing the national anthem.

Next she ask glenbrae school  to sit down on the floor and Miss Ella talked  about Kelly Tarlton that half of glenbrae school are going to kelly tarlton.

Miss Ella talked about Being Sun Smart and Miss Ella talked about hats Miss Ella say Today is no hats but Miss Ella Said By tomorrow Glenbrae School is Putting On their hats .

Miss Ella ask the teacher who want to share they thinks so then Mr Nath Went Up and say what Mr Nath Did .

Frist Mr Nath ask some people to find out what the meaning of puberty and then Mr Nath ask glenbrae school that was miss ella was talking.

Mr Moayman went up and ask what does he have and he said i have got are t-shirt and i sunglass and i sunscreen  and then mrs tofa came up and say when she was little like 9 years old she got hot in samoa but then she said that she doesn't want to put on her hat.

Miss Stone went up and share a video about animalis glenbrae school watch the video in the hall and then when was it finished she say thank you ,.

Mrs rapti talked about to glenbrae school to sing a song call i can count you and then glenbrae school sing the song of i can count on you .

Mrs raj came up and say thank you glenbrae school and then Miss Ella Pick the best class to go out and it was room 8 and then it was room 5 and then it was room 4 and then room 1 and then it was room 9 and then room 7 and then troom 10 went out to have i run and then it was 2 round